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Make the best out of tipping. Collect tips, promote yourself, or work together in teams and split the tips as you wish. URocked has the tools!

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One Device


  • Improves service quality and staff retention through additional income opportunities
  • Ethical and legally compliant, guaranteeing 100% tip distribution to staff
  • Business owners do not handle or control tipped funds, alleviating them from previous liabilities
  • Relieves business owners of administrative burdens, empowering staff with control over their earnings

Quick Tips

  • Customers send tips to a team pool, distributed among team members according to their preferences
  • Staff members have full control over their tip management
  • QuickTip Devices conveniently attach to tills or bars, enabling customers to tip independently
  • Customers can pre-select tip amounts or choose custom tips based on preference
Quick Tips
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QR Codes

  • Open an account with no cost or fees
  • Every member gets a unique QR code and ID number for customers to scan
  • Tips are directly paid into your preferred bank account
  • The app provides real-time tracking of your tips

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