We are built to support people

Gratitude is a powerful thing. Something we know we can harness and share widely.

This is why with every tip sent we use a portion of our fee to donate to charity.

The power of thanks

How can a coffee feed a family? You go out for a coffee; you thank the server with a tip via URocked and you’ve made a difference.

How? URocked will donate a portion of the transaction fee to hunger and poverty relief charities.

It’s a powerful gesture thanking someone for a good job, and that’s something we want to share. Which is why every time you make someone’s day with a tip, you know you’ll help change someone else’s life.

Charity partners

Our goal, albeit a lofty one, is to help eradicate world hunger.

We are working with National and International Charity partners to have an immediate and direct impact. As we expand, we’ll look to create a network of charities to spread the URocked effect around the world.


Your impact

Your URocked profile will not only show your tips, but it will track the impact you’re having by showing you your donations. Users will see what impact tips they receive have made – making sure URocked put your thanks to greater use.

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